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Dragonmaw Clan Reputation Boost

The Dragonmaw clan is a group of orcs, who used to invade Azeroth when Blackhand created the Horde. The Dragonmaw clan, however, focused more on magic than doing bold melee battles. They managed to enslave several dragons to do their jobs.

How do I gain a reputation with the Dragonmaw Clan?

There are various ways to grind reputation with Dragonmaw Clan, below you can read the options.
Quests: you can do quests in Twilight Highlands once you hit level 84, please make sure to do the Warchief's Command quest first, and note, that this is Horde only.
Dailies: Once the Bloodgulch quest hub is unlocked, you can do 5 daily quests for 250 reputations each
Tabard: You should wear the Tabard so you can grind dungeons and heroics for amazing reputation gains!

Why should I build a reputation with Dragonmaw Clan?

Well, the answer to that is easy, you want to obtain their amazing equipment!
Once you are Honored, you will be able to purchase some rare items already. At Revered, you can obtain even better equipment
Once you are Exalted, you will be able to purchase epic quality items ( item level 359 ) which will match the first Cataclysm raids

Do you want to reach exalted with the Dragonmaw Clan but do not have enough time? No problem! MMOprovider will gladly give you a hand and complete it in no time!


Your character should be level 85
The better the equipment the faster it will go

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