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Tarisland Power leveling

Our Tarisland Powerleveling services offer a great opportunity for you to skip the boring aspects of the game and reach the highest level is the shortest amount of time.
Leveling in Tarisland can be quite difficult, especially for new players or for players who lack time to play the game at a decent amount.
Purchasing a Power Leveling boost here will also make it possible for you to jump into the endgame content as well

What kind of levels do you do?

We can level all the way from level 1 to level 40
At level 40, you can do any kind of endgame, so we assume you rather skip all the levels in between

What does the Taris Power leveling include?

- You will be at the desired level as ordered
- The leveling process is done by hand and we do not do sketchy things to complete our goal
- Our Powerleveling service is eligible for both EU & US servers
- All the currencies, items, equipment, etc will remain on the character.
- In case we obtain equipment through drops or quests which is an improvement, we will use it.

How do you gain levels in Tarisland?

There are various ways to gain levels in Tarisland, we can do a combination of the following methods;
- Completing dungeons
- Killing Monsters/NPC's
- Completing ( Daily ) Quests
- Doing events, both PVE & PVP
- Conquering Strongholds

The Power Leveling order process

Below we've provided a description of how the order process works

1. Decide what kind of level your avatar should be
2. Select your class and server
3. Proceed to the checkout page
4. Select your preferred payment method and checkout.
5. We will contact you by email, usually we do so within 1-15 minutes
6. You will give your login data so we can start.
7. Our Tarisland boosting team will log in and start the boosting process.
8. Upon completion, we will send you a notification by email

General information about Tarisland Power leveling

- We are leveling by hand, we do not allow bots or any kind of programs
- We can use a VPN server based on your location for safety reasons
- The leveling speed for classes may depend on the class.
- Leveling from 1 to 40 may take up to quite some days at first, but we may adjust this once the game progresses.

Need more information?

Do you need more info? Please check our FAQ or Contact us.

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    Marcin Cz.

  • Fast and efficient buyer, the deal went quick and easy


  • Sold account it was fast very smooth recommend.


  • I have bought/traded in multiple accounts. He is always extremely fast, friendly and an overall great experience!.


  • Great guy as always. The website was easy to use and very smooth. Paid and received in under 10 minutes.


  • safe trade and super fast

    Athanasios Blagkos