Special boosting

Special boosting

Special boosting services

Besides Powerleveling, we can offer any kind of WoW boosting service.
These services are usually specific and will be personal.
During these services, you need to be aware that :

  • We are 100% responsible during our services, so you will have warranty on the price you paid for this service.
  • During the process, you are not allowed to log the character unless we say so, doing so without or approval may void your warranty.
  • We are able to use VPN if requested.
  • There is no certain price fixed for these services, in case you are interested in any of these services, please don’t hesitate to add us to discuss a suitable price.


We offer any kind of profession boosting for your WoW Character.
The price may show some differences, depending on the profession(s) you choose.
Profession leveling is usually being done by grinding materials on your character.
Please keep in mind that we do need at least 1 gathering profession to perform certain profession leveling. For example, if you want Blacksmithing, we should be able to learn Mining as well. In case you want 2 primary professions, like Blacksmithing & Engineering, we should be using our personal gold to complete it.
Leveling these professions usually take between 1 – 4 days, depending on the profession.

PVP ranking/boosting

Tired of endless BGs and struggle in the arena ? No problem! We can help.
PVP ranking is a common activity on the private server scene, which takes a lot of time.

We can offer certain PVP orders, such as :

  • Honor grinding
  • Obtaining certain PVP ranks
  • Obtaining BG marks
  • Play per hour in BG services
  • Boosting Arena Rating


Some quests in WoW may be difficult, others are very boring.
In any case, we are here to help you complete certain quests.
We can do the quests on your character, or we can also assist you with our own characters to complete certain quests.


Grinding items and gold takes a huge amount of time, and it is probably the most time-consuming activity in WoW scene for years. We are here to help in case you don't want to grind. Or simply lack time to complete it. We are able to log your character or we are able to assist you with the grinding process on our own characters.

Equipment farming

How about twinking? Yep, we can also twink your character. We could farm/buy all the necessarily items so you can enter the battleground right away.
Are you in need of certain items from quests, raids or dungeons? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Some items may be beyond our reach, but most of the time we should be able to help you out with certain items.
We have high level characters to aid with the farming process. All the gold/items will be yours.

Dungeon boosting

When you need certain dungeon items, or just XP/gold, we may be able to help you out.
This is a common service for twinking, as we are able to help you complete your twink.
We use our high level characters to aid with the dungeon boosting. All the items/gold obtained will be yours.

Reputation farming

It takes a lot of time to reach reputation with certain factions. It is usually a long and boring process.
We are here to help you kill certain NPC and running (daily) quests to get the reputation you wanted.
We will be able to play on your character to get it done.


In order to unlock raids, you will have to complete a series of quests. These quests may take quite some time to complete.
We are able to complete these attunements for you, so you can instantly enjoy your raiding adventures!
So you want to raid Onyxia? Contact us to complete your attunement!


You can't find a raiding group/guild to get the epics you are waiting for a long time? Or you simply can't make it to tonights raid? Let us help you!
Raiding is one the most fun aspects of the game according to many players. At some point you might have to miss your schedule due to some unfortunate event.
We are here to help in case you need us to replace you for a raid, or instead, just to gear you up instead.

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