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  • Everything is done by hand and we're not using bots to achieve certain goals!
  • All the valuable items/gold will remain on the character!
  • You can reach out to us at any time to track progress & receive updates.
  • Besides Powerleveling, we also offer professions, PVP & gearing services ( Check our special boosting page)
  • You have full warranty during our leveling services! As we are 100% responsible for it.
  • Please note that logging the account/character during the process will void your warranty
  • Leveling speed depends on the server, xp rates, classes and population/dynamic respawn timers.
  • Interested in High speed powerleveling? That's possible! Please contact us
  • You are able to make an order through our webshop directly. Your Paypal currency will automatically convert into EUR (1 EUR is about 1,15-1,20 USD)

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The estimated time for 1-60 orders is approximately 13-18 real days (ingame like 6-7d)
We are using VPN from your country to maximize your safety!
The estimated time may differ between classes. (Warriors/Rogues around 18. Classes like Hunter/Warlock more towards 14)

We have a few spots left right now. Once you place an order we will start the same day!

Interested in High speed powerleveling? That's possible! Please contact us

We can also do professions, gearing, attunements or any other services besides Powerleveling. Please check our Special Boosting page for more info.

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