Middleman service

MMOprovider's Middleman Service!

Did you find a buyer/seller on your own? And are you afraid of being scammed? Have no fear!

Because we are offering our middleman services to you for only 10 USD

So, how does the transaction work? Take a closer look at the procedure;

First, you have to add us  in a conversation with your Buyer or Seller (Skype recommended)
Afterwards, the following steps will take place.

1. Either the buyer or seller will pay the Middleman fee of 10 USD to us.

2. The Seller provides the account details to us in private (Skype recommended)

3. We will verify the account and we will change the security.

4. After we  confirmed the account. We will ask the buyer to pay the seller. 

5. We will provide the new account details in private to the buyer.

6. Deal closed.