7x Character account

  • Female
  • Mage
  • Mograine EU Region
  • $649.99
  • $519.99

Account information

  • Faction
  • Race
  • Class
  • Level
  • Gender
  • Server
    Mograine EU Region
  • Level 80 Troll female Mage - Mograine
    6409 GS (amazing pve gear)
    432 Tailoring; 435 Engineering
    Epic mount
    Mimiron’s Head. Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher and many more mounts included!
    213.7k gold included!

  • Bonus: Level 80 Orc female Warlock - Mograine (5995 GS, 450 engi; 450 tailoring)
    Level 80 Blood Elf female Priest
    - Mograine (5743 GS, 451 enchanting; 450 engi)
    Level 80 Blood Elf female Paladin
    - Mograine (5321 GS, 450 engi; 450 jewelcrafting)
    Level 80 Tauren female Druid
    - Mograine (5524 GS, 441 engineering; 401 LW)
    Level 80 Orc female Rogue
    - Mograine (6.1k GS, 436 engi; 450 jewelcraftingl, 11.7k gold)
    Level 80 Orc female Warlock
    - Mograine (4819 GS)

7x Acc

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