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About the server: Warmane Lordaeron

Warmane Lordaeron WOTLK 

Warmane Lordaeron is the progressive WOTLK realm from the Warmane Project.
It currently peaks at around 8000 Players!

Game version: 3.3.5 – XP/Gold/Drop rates: 1x – Content release: Progressive 

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Level 80 Human
Female - Death Knight


  • 450 enchanting/450 alch
  • 5,8k GS (prot) 5,4k GS DPS
  • Including: Human female paladin
  • 450 herb, 4,8k GS tank/4,6k GS heal

Level 80 Orc
Male - Warrior


  • 378 mining & 450 first aid
  • 5k GS in Protection and DPS equipment

Level 80 Troll
Male - Hunter


  • 4,6k Gearscore
  • Normal flying mount

Level 80 Human
Male - Warrior


  • 450 First aid
  • 4,6k GS
  • 1,1k gold & quite some mats
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Level 80 Blood Elf
Female - Paladin


450 ench/432 JC

4,75k GS

Zulian tiger, Mimiron’s head & great appearance

2,5k gold & 280% mount

Level 80 Orc
Male - Hunter


  • 450 Leatherworking & skinning
  • 4450 Gearscore
  • 280% mount riding skill

Level 80 Orc
Male - Warlock


  • Warmane coins for a free name change
  • 450 Jewelcrafting, mining & cooking
  • 4420 Gearscore
  • 280% mount riding skill
  • Comes with 2000 gold

Level 80 Night elf
Male - Rogue


  • 310 Leatherworking, 450 skinning & 444 First aid
  • 4300 Gearscore
  • 280% mount riding skill

Level 80 Tauren
Male - Druid


  • 420 Blacksmithing & 400 Jewelcrafting
  • 4700 Gearscore
  • 280% riding mount skill


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