Level 60

  • Female
  • Primordial
  • $179.99
  • $125.99

Account information

  • Faction
  • Level
  • Gender
  • Server
  • 608 GS

  • 20 Sword and Shield, 11 Rapier, 17 Hatchet, 18 Spear, 20 Great Axe, 20 War Hammer, 14 Greatsword, 13 Bow, 14 Musket, 7 Blunderbuss, 20 Life Staff, 18 Void Gauntlet

  • 67 Smelting, 200 Leatherworking, 199 Logging, 200 Mining, 17 Fishing, 32 Music, 29 Weaving, 200 Harvesting, 200 Tracking and Skinning

  • 53241 coins

  • Fresh Server!

  • Bonus: Level 60 Eridu - 596 GS


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