Level 56 Soulfist

  • Female
  • Soulfist
  • Mokoko
  • $419.99
  • $293.99

Account information

  • Class
  • Level
  • Gender
  • Server
  • 1432 GS

  • 360 SP

  • Roster Level 130

  • Stronghold Level 48

  • Engravings: Level 3 Grudge, Level 3 Raid Captain, Level 3 Increase Mass, Level 2 Ambush Master, Level 1 Atk. Speed Reduction

  • Tier 3; 5-6lvl gems

  • 4 pets

  • Mounts: Terpeion of the Shadow, Silver Combat Raptor, Starlight Snow Mokoboard, Berry Chamkuri, Azure Soul Vanguard, White Scarab, Apostel. Gold Moss Turtle, Wind Mane Mustang

  • 23 Foraging, 30 Logging, 30 Mining, 16 Hunting, 23 Fishing, 26 Excavating

  • 1 023 gold / 9.8mil silver / 222 Royal Crystals / 21 Crystals / 70.8k Honor Shards / 103k Pirate Coins

  • Alt Characters: Gunslinger 460gs, Sorceress 1370gs, Striker 1356gs, Bard 1340gs

Soulfist Moko Kob

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